Why Is It Important To Seed Your Lawn In the Fall?

Fall Is The Time To Over-Seed Your Lawn In Overland Park & Kansas City

fall-overseeding-Overland-Park-fall-lawn-seeding-Kansas CityHomeowners in Overland Park and Kansas City often ask us “Why should I over-seed my lawn?” If your lawn is beginning to show signs of thinning or having a patchy, inconsistent appearance then your lawn is in need of over-seeding. When homeowners in Overland Park and Kansas City see their lawn thinning or becoming patchy some might think a fertilization treatment will fix the problem. In late summer and early fall over-seeding is actually a more effective solution to improving the look and thickness of a lawn. After summers’ heat, lawn damaging insects, and compacting foot traffic, over-seeding your lawn will help to strengthen your lawn and fill in damaged or patchy areas of your lawn. In other words, over-seeding your lawn in the fall is like giving your lawn a healthy boost to defend itself against the things that make it appear and feel unhealthy.

Your lawn takes quite a beating over the summer in Overland Park and Kansas City and over-seeding (in conjunction with aerating and/or verticutting) will remedy and restore your lawn and alleviate any issues with the look and feel of your lawn.

SK Lawn Care recommends over-seeding your lawn annually to maximize its appearance and to maintain a consistent, rich density. Over-seeding re-strengthens your lawns defenses from the weather, weed growth and erosion.

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