What Is Verticutting & What Does It Do For Your Lawn?

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Some lawns in Overland Park & Kansas City develop a layer of thatch which is a layer of dead organic material that slowly grows between the many blades of grass in your lawn and the soil beneath. Verticutting (or vertical cutting) is a chemical free method of removing lawn damaging thatch layers by slicing rows in to the soil. Upon verticutting a lawn, SK Lawn Care recommends overseeding in which the new seed will migrate into the sliced rows in the lawn and return a lawn to consistent growth and density.

Verticutting has been commonly used by golf courses but becoming more common in recent years for home owners seeking an above average lawn in look and consistency.  When thatch issues arise in Overland Park & Kansas City lawns more problems could be present but not apparent to homeowners. When a layer of thatch begins to accumulate between your lawns grass and soil the result can lead to insect problems, may hinder water reaching the roots of your lawn, and could create the perfect environment for diseases on your lawn.

We have helped homeowners and business owners in Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood and Mission Hills restore their lawns form excessive thatch even after they have tried raking the lawn themselves. Unfortunately, thatch is tough to remove once it has its grip on your lawn and raking will only remove the thatch on the surface of your lawn.  SK Lawn Care recommends verticutting when lawn thatch is present because it breaks up thatch that is not visible above ground and opens up the soil for new seed and adequate watering.
If you think your lawn in Overland Park or Kansas City needs to be vertically cut, we recommend that you hire a lawn care professional. Lawns with an excessive layer of thatch are already in a weakened state and improperly verticutting your lawn may do more damage than good.

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