What Overland Park & Kansas City Lawns Needs In The Fall

 fall-lawn-care-Overland-Park-overseeding-aerating-verticutting-Kansas-CityFour Fall Services For Your Lawn

As the summer winds down, your lawn in Overland Park, Leawood, & Kansas City may start showing signs of weather and wear. Blades of grass that were once green in the spring will often loose their luster in the fall with the onset of cooler air.

SK Lawn Care recommends 4 services in the fall for home & business lawns in Overland Park, Leawood, and Kansas City. Overseeding, combined with aerating and/or verticutting will give your lawn a boost in health and ultimately give your lawn the environmental advantage over weeds, inadequate irrigation, insects, and layers of thatch that may have developed over the summer.

Aeration Services For Overland Park & Kansas City Lawnsfall-overseeding-Overland-Park-aerating-Kansas-City-verticutting-Leawood

Aerating your lawn breaks up the soil (without damaging your lawn) to allow water to get directly into the soil and roots.  Aerating your lawn,in conjunction with over-seeding in the fall, will give the new layer of seed the best chance of survival and more importantly giving your lawn a boost in appearance, density and consistency.

Fall Over-seeding Your Lawn In Overland Park & Kansas City

Once your lawn have been properly aerated, SK Lawn Care recommends having a layer of new seed in the fall. Aerating creates small holes into the soil and breaks up any compacted or compressed soil. This not only aids in allowing more water to get down to the roots of your lawn but it also provides the perfect place for the new layer of seed to grow from.  Aerating and over-seeding in the fall will remedy any patchy areas of your lawn that have appeared over the summer.

fall-renovation-services-Overland-Park-Kansas-City-Leawood-Mission-HillsVerticutting Service For Your Lawn

Verticutting (or vertically cutting your lawn) is somewhat similar to aerating but it is used to break up layers of thatch and soil by cutting consistent rows or cuts into your lawn. After your lawn is vertically cut the seed is laid and the vertical cuts help with evenly distributing water and an even distribution of seed. Verticutting is often used on golf courses but has become more common for homeowners’ lawns in recent years.

Fall Leaf Removal In Overland Park & Kansas City

It is never too early to remind homeowners and business owners about fall leaves and the damage they can do to your lawn if they are not removed in a timely fashion. As leaves pile up onto your lawn in the fall they can deprive it of air, water and sun which are the elements your lawn needs to survive.

SK Lawn Care prides itself on providing professional lawn care in Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, and Mission Hills. We listen to our customers needs and deliver the same quality lawn care and lawn renovation services that we do for our own lawns.

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