Overland Park Lawn Care and Landscaping Services For Fall

over-seeding-Overland-Park-aerating-lawn-Kansas-City-lawn-careSK Lawn Care is now offering our lawn care and landscaping in Overland Park, Leawood and Mission Hills in addition to the Kansas City area.

As fall quickly approaches the Overland Park – Kansas City area, we at SK Lawn Care thought it would only be appropriate to focus on the topic of our fall lawn care services.  Fall is an important time for your lawn’s look for not only for the last few weeks o moderate weather, but also for how your lawn in Overland Park and Kansas City will look and feel in the spring.

Lawn Services SK Lawn Care Recommends For Fall

1. Aerating Your Lawn: Aerating your lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood and Mission Hills will help break up compacted areas of your lawn without damaging the lawn. When you lawn is aerated, you may notice small holes in the soil consistently spaced throughout your lawn. Compacted soil on your lawn will disrupt the natural, even flow of water trying to reach the roots of the grass. SK Lawn Care aerates lawns in the fall to help lawns recover from foot traffic, summer heat, lack of water and lawns that are just patchy and not what you want your lawn to look like.

2. Verticutting Your Lawn: Over the course of the spring and summer seasons, you may start to notice a yellow or brown layer of thatch covering the soil but beneath your lawn’s blades of grass. Lawn thatch can severely damage your lawn’s look and overall health if it is not addressed. In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood and Mission Hills, SK Lawn Care recommends vertically cutting your lawn to break up any compacted soil, break up and remove layers of lawn thatch and restructure the flow of water evenly to your lawn.

3. Overseeding Your Lawn: Once your lawn has been aerated or verticut, SK Lawn Care recommends overseeding you lawn in the fall.  A new layer of seed (if applied properly after aerating or verticutting) will help fix any patchy areas of your lawn or any areas that are not consistent with your overall lawn’s density. When applied with aerating or verticutting, a nearly ideal environment is for overseeding to occur and assist the new seed with a close to ideal environment for germination.

4. Fall Leaf Removal: In Overland Park, Leawood, Kansas City and Mission Hills, fall leaves are some of the most beautiful in the country.  But as we all know, the changing of leaves means they will be falling soon and many of the leaves will be falling onto your lawn. SK Lawn Care offers fall leaf removal for Overland Park, Leawood, Kansas City and Mission Hills.  If leaves are not removed from your home or business lawn you are risking the look and life of your lawn. Layers of fall leaves deprive your lawn of water, sunlight and air which are all crucial elements to the life of your lawn.

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