Overseeding Alone Will Not Repair Your Lawn

Overseeding Alone May Not Fix The Look and Feel of Your Lawn

aerate-lawn-aerating-Overland-Park-Leawood In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood and Mission Hills there are countless lawn care companies advertising that fall lawn overseeding alone will repair and restore your lawn. While it is true that oversseding your lawn will help fill in any patchy areas that appear on your lawn, you maybe wasting your lawn seed if your lawn has a layer of thatch or compacted soil.

Layers Of Thatch In Your Lawn Hinder Grass Growth

If your lawn in Overland Park, Leawood or Kansas City has a layer of thatch between the soil and the grass, you need to have your lawn aerated and/or verticut before fall overseeding. Overland-Park-lawn-aerating-Leawood-Kansas-CityWhen your lawn gets an aeration treatment, thin layers of thatch get broken up allowing sunlight, water and air to reach your lawn more consistently.  Once your lawn has been aerated properly and your lawn has been overseeded, the seed is starting its life in a near perfect environment for germinating.  Irrigation channels are more consistent after lawn aeration because layers of thatch can hinder water flow to the roots of your lawn in addition to sunlight and much needed air.

Compacted Soil In Your Lawn Will Not Grow Grass A Well

In order to have an ideal lawn, your lawn must have the ideal growing environment.  Dry, compacted soil makes it more difficult for your lawn to grow and simply overseeding your lawn will not remedy the issue.  If you have patchy areas of your lawn, it could be that the soil is compacted due to spring and summer foot (and play) traffic. Overseeding your lawn when the soil is compacted and expecting a lush, green lawn is probably not going to result in a great looking lawn. Aerating your lawn in Overland Park, Leawood, Kansas City and Mission Hills will break up any compacted and frequently traveled soil in your lawn allowing for fall overseeding to have the optimal soil density for germination to occur.

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