Fall Is Here In Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood

Fall Lawn Care Tips From SK Lawn Care

When you step outside this morning you may notice the the air a bit cooler, the leaves beginning to change and your lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood may not look as lovely as it did in the spring and summer. In the fall, the air gradually gets cooler as the soil of your lawn remains warm from the summer months. Depending on the overall health of your lawn, it may be time to give your lawn a little help for the winter months so that you have a thriving, lush and green lawn in the spring.

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Fall Oerseeding, Aerating and Verticutting By SK Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care Tips For Lawns IN Overland Park, Kansas City, and Leawood

In the fall, SK Lawn Care recommends over-seeding your lawn, aerating your lawn, removing fall leaves from your lawn and (in some cases) verticutting your lawn. The combination of lawn overseeding, lawn aerating and/or lawn verticutting and fall leaf removal from your lawn will give your lawn the best chance of recovering from any damage incurred over the spring and summer months and increase your lawns resistance to the imminent winter weather to come.

Over seeding your lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood will add new grass to your lawn which can help fill in any patchy areas of your lawn and overall strengthen your lawn’s resistance to weeds, lawn disease and the winter weather transition.  If you plan on overseeding your lawn, aerating your lawn will ensure that the seed is given the best environment to thrive, survive and germinate by first aerating your lawn to break up compressed lawn soil and remove any layers of thatch that could hinder the growth of your lawn. Aerating your lawn will also allow for air, water and sunlight to reach the roots of your lawn that layers of thatch and compacted soil disallow.

In some cases, SK Lawn Care will recommend a combination of of lawn overseeding, lawn aerating and lawn verticutting. Our lawn care professionals will overseed, verticut and aerates your lawn giving your lawn and soil environment a makeover and the repair it may need and give it a boost before winter. By removing layers of grass killing thatch, compacted soil and laying new seed, inconsistent growth areas of your lawn are essentially restored, poor irrigation areas of your lawn are corrected and your lawn’s grass is given a boost with new seed. Some lawns in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood need overseeding, verticutting and aerating to help get back the beautiful lawn you once had or create the beautiful lawn you have always wanted.

Fall Leaf Removal In Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood

Fall Leaf Removal In Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood By SK Lawn Care

It is difficult to find anyone in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood that does not think that fall leaves in our area are not a thing of beauty and we at SK Lawn Care heartily agree. Fall leaves, however, can be a deadly element to your lawn.  As leaves begin to pile up in your lawn they create layer of peril for your lawn if not properly removed in a timely manner.  Leaf removal in Overland Park, Leawood, and Kansas City is imperative to keep your lawn looking great when spring arrives. Leaf removal allows your lawn to get sunlight, water and air which are the basic components for your lawn to grow. Fall leaves in your lawn create barrior between the sunlight, air and potentially your lawn natural irrigation channels and if the leaves are not removed in the fall will ultimatley smother your lawn leaving bare patches of soil. Even though the leaves are not falling in Overland Park, Leawood and Kansas City yet, it is not too early to start planning to for leaf removal in the fall.

SK Lawn Care provides quality, professional lawn care and landscaping services for Kansas city, Overland Park and Leawood.  If you have questions about lawn overseeding, lawn aerating, lawn verticutting or leaf removal feel free to contact us.  If you would like a free estimate for leaf removal or any of our lawn care services please call us directly at (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills.

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