Fall Is Here and SK Lawn Care Does Leaf Removal In Overland Park, Leawood and Kansas City

Leaf Removal and More in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood

leaf-removal-fall-seeding-aerating-verticutting-aeratingNow that fall has arrived in Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood it will soon be time for the lovely leaves to fall and when they do SK Lawn Care will be there to help homeowners and business owners with their lawn care and leaf removal. Fall leaves in Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood are lovely but when they pile up on your lawn they can create a barrier that hinders water, air and sunlight to your lawn. If leaves are not removed in a timely fashion you could end up with a very bare lawn when spring arrives.


Other Fall Lawn Services By SK Lawn Care

Lawn aerating and overseeding by SK Lawn Care in the fall helps boost your lawns appearance and health.

In addition to leaf removal in Overland Park, Leawood and Kansas City SK Lawn Care also provides lawn overseeding, lawn aerating and lawn verticutting services while everyone is waiting for the leaves to fall.

In the fall, lawn overseeding in Overland Park,Kansas City and Leawood will help fill in spotty areas of your lawn and boost your lawn overall density. Seeding your lawn in the fall with SK Lawn Care will provide your lawn with the look and feel that you have always wanted in your lawn.

Fall lawn aerating helps the soil of your lawn retain water, nutrients and air after being compacted with foot traffic, covered in thatch and developed areas where grass just won’t grow.  Aerating you lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood will break up thatch loosen up soil and provide an ideal environment for newly laid seed to grown in your lawn.

Fall lawns sometimes need our lawn verticutting service when lawns have a thick layer of thatch that is suffocating the lawn.  Thatch buildup on your lawn make watering your lawn almost useless as the thatch in your lawn will either retain all of the water before it can reach your grass’ roots or re-channel it to where it it less effective for your lawn.

SK Lawn Care provides quality and professional lawn care services in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood. We also provide landscape services in the fall in addition to lawn overseeding, lawn verticutting, lawn aerating and leaf removal.  For a free estimate for your lawn on any of our lawn care services call (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills.

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