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Fall Landscaping and Lawn Care Services In Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood

Even though fall is typically the time when SK Lawn Care is busy with lawn seeding, lawn aeration, lawn verticutting and leaf removal and cleanup, we have been finding ourselves doing quite a few lawn renovation and landscape projects as well. Landscaping turns your home or business lawn into a canvas adding plants, bushes, rocks, mulch and anything else that might help beautify a lawn.  Fall is actually an great time to plant flowers, trees, bushes and often times new grass as well.

Why Opt For Landscaping Your Lawn?

In real estate, agents often refer to curb appeal as the first impression of home and it does not necessarily need to be used as a sales tool.  When you arrive or depart from your home, you can’t help but look at how your lawn appears.  If you do not like what you see in your lawn let SK Lawn Care help you change your lawn for the better. We work with homeowners and business owners to create a landscape for their lawn that gives their home or business curb appeal for them and anyone else who may see it. Plus many real estate agents will tell you that having a well cared for lawn will add value to your home.

What Else Can You Do For Your Lawn In the Fall?

Lawn aerating in Overland Park and Kansas City by SK Lawn Care.

Fall is a time to prepare for the winter. Your lawn needs to gain as much strength as possible before the air and soil temperature plunge to the freezing mark.  Overseeding your lawn in fall allows time enough to get the new seeds to start growing but not without help. When lawn overseeding is combined with lawn aerating and/or lawn verticutting, newly laid lawn seed is given the optimal environment by breaking up any compacted soil, removing layers of harmful thatch from your lawn, and creating a consistent flow of water to your lawn as well as allowing air to seep into the soil. Inconsistent or patchy lawns that have had problems growing due to trees shading the area, improper or inconsistent irrigation, or just a lack of grass growing will be resolved with lawn overseeding, lawn aerating and/or lawn verticutting by SK Lawn Care.

SK Lawn Care is a full service lawn care company that is ready to help you have the lawn of your dreams.  Whether you need your lawn seeded for the fall, lawn aerating, lawn verticutting, fall leaf removal or cleanup, or landscaping services for your lawn, SK Lawn Care will provide professional, quality lawn care services.

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