SK Lawn Care Makes Fall Leaves Leave In Overland Park & Kansas City

Fall leaves in your lawn are truly a sight to behold but not having leaf removal before the winter sets is bad news for your lawn. This year SK Lawn Care will be removing more leaves than ever in Overland Park, Kansas CIty and Leawood with upgraded leaf removal equipment and increased staffing.

Why Remove Leaves From Your Lawn In Overland Park Kansas City?

Fall leaves in your lawn may look good in your lawn but they will deprive your lawn of nearly every element that gives it life. As leaves pile up in layers on your lawn sunlight is no longer able to reach the grass and your lawn needs sunlight to survive.  Without sunlight, your lawn will turn yellow or brown and eventually wither away. Removing leaves from your lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood will also disallow water from from reaching your lawn’s grass and soil.  If the roots of your lawn are deprived of water due to fall leaf layers, your lawn’s grass will become yellow or brown, dry and brittle and eventually wither away. Fall leave removal by SK Lawn Care will also allow for air to reach your lawn which is yet another crucial element for your lawn to grow.

In the fall, your lawn is still growing and if you have had treatments of lawn overseeding, lawn aerating and/or lawn verticutting it is absolutely crucial that you have your lawns leaves removed in the fall whether you are a homeowner or a business.  SK Lawn Care can remove leaves in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. Call (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills for a free estimate on fall leaf removal and lawn cleanup.

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