Fall is a Great Time to Landscape Your Lawn in Kansas City and Overland Park

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Quality Lawn Care and Landscaping in Kansas City and Overland Park

Fall is the Ideal Time to Landscape Your Lawn In Overland Park and Kansas City

Fall is the time to think spring in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, and Prairie Village.  Landscaping your lawn in the fall allows the plants to establish a root system before winter.  This is because the soil is still warm from the summer, and there is excellent moisture in the atmosphere to feed the new plants in your lawn and landscape.  By planting in the spring, the soil is still cold from the winter and it takes longer for the plants to establish roots.  Since it takes longer for the plants to establish roots in the spring, the lawn and landscaped plants have a weaker root system going into summer.  This requires more water in the hot summer months and can make the plants weaker in your lawn and landscape.  Additionally, by renovating your lawn and landscape in the fall, all the work will be done in the spring so you can enjoy your beautiful lawn and landscape.  While your neighbors are deciding what they will do with their lawn and landscape, and watering everything like crazy just to get the roots established.  Your lawn and landscape will be well established and looking nice for your and your guests to enjoy.  So don’t wait until spring.  Contact SK Lawn Care today for all your lawn and landscape needs, and let us make your lawn and landscape beautiful before the winter.  Also, don’t forget SK Lawn Care offers leaf removal to Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, and Mission Hills.


Leaf removal and lawn cleanup are just some of the services SK Lawn Care provides for homeowners’ and business owners’ lawns.  SK Lawn Care is a full service lawn care company that can handle all of your residential lawn care or commercial lawn care needs. For a free estimate call (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills.

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