When Autumn Is Calling, Leaves Begin Falling

Fall Leaf Removal & Fall Cleanup In Overland Park, Kansas City & Leawood

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Take a look around this weekend and you will see that fall is in full swing in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood. The leaves are changing from green to fall colors and beginning to fall into home and business lawns across the Kansas City metro area. Nearly every street and road becomes a picturesque scene of fall beauty but if you are not thinking about removing the leaves from your lawn soon, you may find that you have less than a lawn when spring arrives.

Without Leaf Removal, Your Lawn Could Suffer

As fall leaves begin to pile up in your lawn, the leaves eventually form a protective barrier between the sun, water and air from reaching your lawn. If not removed, the leaves will start decomposing and, in some cases, begin to cling to other leaves in your lawn forming a nearly impenetrable layer of suffocation for your lawn.  Leaf removal in Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood clears the way for much needed sunlight, water and air to get to your lawn’s grass in the final weeks before the air becomes dry and cold and sunlight gets less and less abundant.

Leaf Removal Gets Your Lawn Ready For Winter

Spring and fall are very similar in temperature and ideal for newly planted seeds to grow. In the fall however, fallen leaves covering your lawn can hinder your lawn’s ability to properly prepare itself to lie dormant through the winter. Particularly if you had your lawn overseeded, leaves can disrupt the growth of your new grass and when spring finally arrives, the new seed may no longer exist.  Fall leaves in your lawn in cunjuction with a potentially cold winter with an abundance of snow, will compact, compress and literally squeeze the life out of your lawn over the course of winter.  If you care enough to overseed your lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City or Leawood, you should also opt for SK Lawn Care’s leaf removal and lawn cleanup services.  You lawn will thank you in the spring.

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