Fall Leaf Removal Service in Overland Park

Leaf Removal Service In Overland Park & Leawood

After a weekend of wind and sun, the leaves in Overland Park & Leawood are starting to fall from the trees and cover lawns.  SK Lawn Care will be helping homeowners and business owners with its leaf removal services in Overland Park and Leawood.  Our leaf removal crew will help you remove all of the leaves and debris from your lawn quickly and thoroughly.

Leaf Removal Helps Your Lawn In Overland Park & Leawood

Call SK Lawn Care For Leaf Removal In Overland Park & Leawood.

Leaf removal services by SK Lawn Care helps prepare your lawn before winter arrives in Overland Park & Leawood.  As leaves pile up and completely cover your lawn, they begin to form an organic barrier that can blanket your lawn in multiple layers. Leave removal allows for water, sunlight and air to reach your lawns grass and roots during the last weeks of fall.  Particularly if you have recently seeded your lawn, leaf removal will allow your lawn’s grass to gain as much strength as possible before the first snow.  Without leaf removal services, the layers of leaves in your lawn can re-channel your lawns natural irrigation system leaving your lawn parched and brittle.  Newly seeded lawns are not as resilient to the elements and need sunlight and air in order to gain enough strength to survive winter’s bitter cold and leaf removal in Overland Park and Leawood will give your lawn the best chance to survive into spring.

Whether you overseeded your lawn in the fall or not this year, leaf removal is a vital step in ensuring your lawn will rebound in the spring.  Although fall leaves are sometimes viewed as a sight of beauty in Overland Park and Leawood, not opting for leaf removal could spell certain doom for your lawn’s health. Once winter arrives in Overland Park & Leawood, it is usually too late for leaf removal as it is difficult to predict the snow and bitter cold.  For a free estimate on leaf removal for your home or business lawn in Overland Park and Leawood, call SK Lawn Care at (913) 940-6795.

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