Why Do The Leaves Change In The Fall?

Fall Leaf Removal In Kansas City & Overland Park

Fall in Kansas City & Overland Park sees a lot of changes in lawns and trees. The leaves on the trees change colors as they are shed from their trees and fall more and more as the temperature begins to fall and sunlight becomes less abundant. Different trees change at different times depending heavily on the amount of rain, the temperature and amount of sunlight which directly correlates to when the leaves will fall. The time between when leaves begin changing colors and the time that they fall is very brief (usually only a weeks) and when they have fallen into your lawn, SK Lawn Care can remove the leaves from your lawn in Kansas City & Overland Park.

Why Leaves Change Color In Kansas City & Overland Park

Different Trees Change Colors At Different Times In Kansas City & Overland Park.

During the spring & summer in Kansas City & Overland Park, the leaves serve as food factories for the trees they are attached to. Leaves contain chlorophyll which gives the leaves their green color. Chlorophyll helps the leaves absorb sunlight in the form of energy that allows the tree to convert carbon dioxide and water into food for the tree in the form of carbohydrates. Just like the food we eat, the carbohydrates that our created by the leaves for tree are in the form of sugars and starches. In the fall however the tree begins to shut down its leaves for the winter and to do so the tree literally cuts off support to the leaves at their stems. As the chlorophyll breaks down, the leaves begin to quite literally show their “true colors” with shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Different chemical compositions within the leaves account for the different color shades we see as the chlorophyll begins to break down within the leaves. The trees sever their connection at the stem of the leaf and the tree seals off the port that served as the connection between the tree and leaf with a layer of cells that will protect the tree from the harsher climate that the winter in Kansas City and Overland Park usually brings. Not all trees in Kansas City and Overland Park loose their leaves in the fall. pines, Spruces, firs, hemlocks, & cedar trees are what are considered evergreens typically do not loose their leaves unless they are subjected to extreme climate changes that are atypical to their normal environment.

The natural process of how fall leaves change color and fall is a fascinating and beautiful process that only lasts a few short weeks in Kansas City and Overland Park. Once the leaves have fallen into your lawn they need to be removed before they begin to cause harm to your lawn by keeping sunlight, air and water from reaching your lawn.  SK Lawn Care offers professional leaf removal to homes and businesses in Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood with our staff’s attention to every detail of removing the leaves from your lawn. 

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