Now Is The Time For Leaf Removal In Kansas City!

Leaf Removal In Kansas City & Overland Park

The first polar vortex has arrived in Kansas City & Overland Park and with it comes cold, windy days that will no doubt accelerate the leaves to fall.  You lawn in Kansas City & Overland Park is (or is about to be) covered in fall leaves. With the cold temperatures and strong winds we will see in Kansas City for the next few days, the trees will most likely accelerate their separation of the leaves. Regardless of the temperature in the next few weeks, SK Lawn Care will be removing leaves in Overland Park and Kansas City for homes and businesses.

What Goes Into Leaf Removal?

Call SK Lawn Care For Leaf Removal In Kansas City & Overland Park!

Leaf removal by SK Lawn Care begins with one of our lawn car staff blowing the perimeter of your property (or fence line). The leaves will be blown toward the middle of the lawn where some of our other lawn care professionals will be waiting to place the leaves in a pile on a large tarp.  Once the leaves in your lawn have been piles up onto the tarp our lawn car professionals will move the leaves toward your curb where we will mulch the leaves removed into our lawn care vehicles. SK Lawn Care disposes of the leaves we remove in an environmentally responsible way by recycling them for compost and mulch. Our lawn care staff will also be removing the leaves from your landscaping and anywhere near your home so that your lawn and landscaping is completely leaf-free.

Once the leaves are removed, mulched and ready to haul away, one of our professional lawn care staff will mow your lawn one last time to leave it looking well maintained for your holiday guests when they arrive. SK Lawn Care provides leaf removal for homes and businesses in Kansas City & Overland Park and this year we plan on removing more leaves than ever for our customers.  If you have been thinking about leaf removal in Kansas City, now is the time to call SK Lawn Care!

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