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Leaf Clean Up In Kansas City

Everyone wants their lawn to look good for the holidays in Kansas City & Overland Park leaf removal & lawn clean up by SK Lawn Care will do just that. In case you haven’t been outside lately, the leaves have all begun to fall into lawns and leaf removal time is upon us once again in Kansas City & Overland Park. If you cannot remove the leaves in your lawn or you just don’t want to do leaf removal this year, let SK Lawn Care help! Our lawn care staff has been increased for leaf removal season in Kansas City & Overland Park and we only use professional leaf removal equipment so that when we are done, your lawn leaf-free and ready for holiday guests.

Thorough & Efficient Leaf Removal In Kansas City & Overland

Call SK Lawn Care For Leaf Removal In Kansas City & Overland Park!

SK Lawn Care approaches leaf removal for your lawn in Kansas City with a plan. Our professional lawn car staff begins removing the leaves along of the perimeter of your home or business property and moving the leaves inward and then towards the street. Other staff members will blow and rake the leaves and debris into plies where they can be sucked into our Billy-goat leaf removal & mulching machine and made into mulch which is then recycled responsibly into mulch. Our ;leaf removal staff will also remove leaves from your landscaping and areas that my have trapped leaves in hard to reach places. Once your home or business lawn is leaf free, our mowers put one last cut on your lawn leaving it looking striped, clean and well maintained.

When To Have Leaf Removal Done In Kansas City & Overland Park

The best time to have leaf removal done in Kansas City & Overland Park is when your trees have already lost most of or all of the leaves. Different types of trees loose their leaves at different times as trees are more resilient to the elements than others. If your lawn has layers of leaves so thick that you are not able to see your lawn, it is important to get leaf removal for your lawn as soon as possible.  As the leaves fall in to your lawn and begin to decay, they are keeping air, water and sunlight from reaching your lawn which could be doing harm to your lawn that is not visible until spring arrives. SK Lawn Care recommends having leaf removal several times during the fall as the leaves appear and to try to have leaf removal in Kansas City & Overland Park before the first snow or ice storm.

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