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Leaf Removal Kansas City & Overland Park

Even though it is technically still fall, winter weather has arrived in Kansas City & Overland Park early this year. In the weeks before Thanksgiving, homeowners and business owners are usually just starting to think about leaf removal in Kansas City & Overland Park but this year the weather has put a bit more pressure on getting leaf removal done before the snow and ice arrive (which, according to leaf-removal-clean-up-Kansas-City-Overland-Park-Leawoodweather reports, will be tomorrow morning!). SK Lawn Care will be providing leaf removal services in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Leawood for homeowners and business owners from now until after Thanksgiving and perhaps up until Christmas. If you have not thought about leaf removal for your home or business lawn yet this year, call SK Lawn Care today!

Leaf Removal In Kansas City Before Winter

Having leaf removal done before winter is important to your lawn survival through the winter. A thick layer of leaves in your lawn that are not removed can cause some big problems with the health and growth of your lawn but the real effects will not be apparent until spring arrives. Leaves in your lawn will block out the sun, air and restrict irrigation from reaching the roots of your lawn.  Even though your lawn may appear dormant and lifeless during the winter, it is very much alive and needs the basic elements to stay alive and rebound when spring arrives. Regardless of how wicked the winter weather may be this year, your lawn’s best chance of survival is by having the leaves removed from your lawn in Kansas City & Overland Park before the first snow or before Thanksgiving. SK Lawn Care uses professional leaf removal equipment for your lawn and no lawn is too big for our leaf removal staff to handle. Whether you are business owner in Overland Park or a homeowner in Kansas City, SK Lawn Care can help your lawn with leaf removal services.

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