Getting Leaves Removed In Kansas City Before The Holidays

Leaf Clean Up and Leaf Removal In Kansas City

When it come to the holidays, everyone has pitch in at cleaning the home for guests, doing dishes at Thanksgiving and making sure your home looks good for holiday family and friends. Leaf clean up and leaf removal by SK Lawn Care in Kansas City automatically gives you the best looking lawn on the block. Our professional leaf removal service will leave your lawn looking clean, well maintained and most of all leaf free for the holidays. SK Lawn Care helps homeowners and business owners in the Kansas City area with all of their lawn care, landscaping and fall leaf removal needs.

When To Have Leaf Removal In Kansas City

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Deciding when to have leaf removal in Kansas City can be tricky.  Obviously no one wants to have leaf clean up and leaf removal in Kansas City unless they are mostly certain that most or all of the leaves have fallen so that the leaves can be removed all at once. But with high winds blowing leaves from any and all directions, you may not be able to keep your neighbors or nearby trees leaves our of your lawn for long. Leaf removal should be done when your lawn is completely covered in leaves and at least the majority of leaves from your lawn’s trees have fallen. If your lawn is completely covered by multiple thick layers of leaves, you might want to think about having leaf removal sooner rather than later. Layers of leaves covering your lawn in Kansas City can restrict water, air and sunlight from ever reaching your lawn’s grass. The worst case scenario is if leaf removal is not done before the first significant snow and/or ice storm, your lawn could be crushed beneath a heavy winter ice or snow in addition to the a lethal layer of leaves. Leaf removal helps you and your lawn avoid any curve balls the winter may throw at Kansas City and will help your lawn survive the winter and revive in the spring.

There really is no definitive answer to when the best time for leaf removal in Kansas City should be done. SK Lawn Care recommends having leaf removal in Kansas City before the holidays because the worst of the winter weather historically occurs after the holidays.  For a free estimate for leaf removal in Kansas City, Overland Park or Leawood contact SK Lawn Care today!

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