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Leaf Removal In Kansas City & Overland Park

Leaf removal in Kansas City & Overland park can be a difficult task involving hours of leaf raking, tired or sore muscles and the daunting task of figuring our what to do with your amassed bags of leaves. If you have already begun leaf removal in your lawn, you probably know that this year there are plenty of leaves to be removed in Kansas City and Overland Park.  If you have started on removing the leaves from your lawn and for whatever reason cannot seem to finish, call SK Lawn Care for professional leaf clean up and leaf removal in Kansas City & Overland Park.

Leaf Removal In Kansas City Can Be Hard Work

Have Your Leaves Removed In Kansas City Before Thanksgiving!

If you have ever done leaf removal in Kansas City or Overland Park on your own, you know that raking leaves is tough on your body. Raking and/or blowing leaves in Kansas City requires using muscles that for whatever reason we normally do not use.  Leaf removal or leaf raking requires many upper body twists and excessive shoulder movement in order to make a leaf covered lawn in to a leaf-free lawn. If you must do your own leaf removal in Kansas City or Overland Park, it is always recommended that you stretch your muscles and make sure not to over do it. Each year thousands of injuries occur due to muscle pulls, muscle sprains, and other more serious injuries resulting from leaf removal and leaf clean up. If you are physically unable, do not want to, or can’t seem to finish leaf removal in your lawn call SK Lawn Care for professional leaf removal service in Kansas City. Our leaf removal team can handle even the most leaf covered lawns for homeowners and business owners in Kansas City and Overland Park.  SK Lawn Care uses professional leaf clean up equipment and will remove all of your leaves and recycle the leafs in an environmentally responsible manner.

Leaf Removal Before The Holidays

SK Lawn Care will be providing leaf removal for homes and businesses in Kansas City, Overland Park & Leawood before and after Thanksgiving.  If you are thinking about or are planning to leave leaf clean up and leaf removal before Thanksgiving, we urge you to schedule a free estimate for leaf removal as soon as possible. SK Lawn Care understands that it is important to have your lawn looking clean and leaf-free when your guests arrive next week so please schedule your leaf removal soon.

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