Mowing Leaves Into Your Lawn Is Not Leaf Removal!

Leaf Clean Up and Leaf Removal In Kansas City and Overland Park

In the past few weeks, we at SK Lawn Care have witnessed many different ways to remove leaves from lawns in Overland Park & Kansas City. From raking to blowing there are different ways of leaf clean up and leaf removal but when you have professional leaf removal equipment, it makes the leaf removal in Kansas City more efficient and thorough. SK Lawn Care offers quality, professional leaf clean up and leaf removal to homes and businesses in Kansas City & Overland Park.  As Christmas looms on the horizon, we urge our customers and potential customers to not have your leaves mowed into your lawn but instead have your lawn cleaned of leaves and then removed by a professional leaf removal company.

Leaf Removal Vs. Mowing Your Leaves

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At this point in the season, most leaves have become brittle and dry as their food source (the tree) has been literally cut off. Since falling from the trees, they have begun to decompose and have lost (or will soon loose) any nutrients that could possibly be beneficial for your lawn. Doing nothing with your leaves will likely deprive your lawn of air, water and sunlight when the grass needs as much of these elements as it can get before winter arrives. Mowing the leaves into your lawn will create a fine dust of dead, organic matter that will cover the soil and completely restrict any water or air to reach it. Therefore, mowing your leaves into your lawn is not actually removing them, it is just making them less visible. SK Lawn Care provides real leaf clean up and leaf removal in Kansas City and Overland Park. Our leaf removal staff does not mow your leaves into your lawn but instead carefully removes the leaves from the perimeter of your home or business and moves the leaves toward your curb. Once the leaves have been removed completely and are curbside, our leaf removal staff will suck up all of your leaves and mulch them into our leaf removal vehicle where they will be hauled away to be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

There is no substitute for real leaf clean up and leaf removal if you want to keep your lawn looking and growing healthy. The effects of mowing your lawn’s leaves into dust will not be apparent until spring at which point you will likely need a complete lawn renovation. SK Lawn Care provides quality, professional leaf removal & leaf clean up in Kansas City and Overland Park and we treat your lawn and we remove the leaves from your lawn just like we would our own.

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