Why The Leaves In Your Lawn Have Got To Be Removed!

Leaf Removal In Kansas City, Overland Park & Leawood

When it comes to leaf removal in Kansas City, we at SK Lawn Care know that your lawn’s leaves can be an overwhelming task to rake, pile up and remove. SK Lawn Care has been removing leaves in Kansas City, Overland Park & Leawood for over 5 years and we have seen some truly leaf covered lawns that are quite a bit of work to have removed. If you had planned on doing your own leaf removal and just did not, are not physically able to do your own leaf removal, or you just want to leave leaf removal to the professionals, consider SK Lawn Care. We provide leaf removal the old fashioned way: BY ACTUALLY REMOVING THE LEAVES FROM YOUR LAWN! This fall we have witnessed other so called lawn care companies in the area simply mowing leaves in to lawns and calling it leaf removal when in reality it is probably doing more harm than good.

Why Having Leaf Removal Helps Your Lawn In Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood

SK Lawn Care Provides Leaf Clean Up and Leaf Removal In Overland Park, Leawood and Kansas City.

Leaf clean up and leaf removal in Kansas City is not rocket science but it can be hard work. In fact, thousands of injuries are reported every year from muscle and back problems that are a direct result of leaf removal and the toll it takes on the human body. Aside from the immense amount of work it takes to rake and remove leaves, taking shortcuts like mowing the leaves into your lawn can have big, bad consequences. Leaves that decompose and eventually seep into your lawn’s soil raise the acidity level in the soil. Soil that has a high acidity levels makes it difficult for grass to grow consistently and strong which ultimately leaves you with little to no lawn in the spring. On the other extreme, choosing not to have leaf clean up and leaf removal at all in Kansas City, Overland Park or Leawood may also harm your lawn in that the leaves will likely form a barrier between your lawn and the water, air, and sunlight which are needed for your lawn to grow.  When thick layers of leaves are combined with a heavy layer of snow or ice, you may find that the grass in your lawn will be literally suffocated and you will not know the extent of the damage to your lawn until spring arrives.

SK Lawn Care provides fall leaf clean up and leaf removal in Kansas City the way it is supposed to be done.  We move the leaves our of your lawn and landscaping and pile your lawn’s leaves up near the curb, mulch them with our professional leaf removal equipment and then we haul them away to be recycled for later use as mulch or compost.  The only time SK Lawn Care will mow your lawn during leaf removal season is after the leaves have been cleaned up and removed and our professional staff is mowing professional looking stripes into your lawn one last time before winter.

SK Lawn Care provides quality, professional lawn care, landscaping and leaf removal services in Kansas City, Overland Park & Leawood for both homeowners and business owners. With the recent upgrades we have made to our leaf removal equipment, we continue to improve how we serve our customers in the Kansas City area.

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