Adding Bulbs To Your Landscaping

Landscaping In Kansas City

Landscaping is an interesting art in that sometimes minor changes can reap big results.  At SK Lawn Care we strive to provide landscaping services in Kansas City that not only reflect the property owners taste and style but also landscaping installation and design that will fit within their budget. Often times our landscaping staff will be faced with beautiful retaining walls and beds that lack color and have been (over the years) less than maintained.  It is in these cases that we recommend having SK Lawn Care add natural accents like bushes shrubs, and particularly planting bulbs.

Planting Bulbs Adds Beauty To Your Landscaping

landscaping-design-installation-Kansas-City-Overland-Park-LeawoodNatural beauty in landscaping does not get any more lovely than flowers. With so many different varieties of bulbs that can be planted, SK Lawn Care can help you pick our the ideal flowers or plants to accent your landscaping in Kansas City.  Whether you want to match the color of your home or draw more attention to your landscaping with contrasting colors, SK Lawn Care’s landscaping experts can help with expert landscape design and landscape installation in Kansas City.  Often times we find that the entire look of your home or business landscaping can be drastically changed by planting bulbs in Kansas City lawns. We at SK Lawn Care understand that flowers are not a landscape feature that can be enjoyed all year but when we plant bulbs in your home or business lawn now, they will surely be appreciated when spring finally arrives.

Although many landscaping companies in Kansas City will tell you that fall is the ideal time to plant flower bulbs in your landscaping, the truth is that they can be planted virtually anytime in from fall through the winter provided that the ground is not frozen solid. SK Lawn Care continues to help home owners and business owners find effective and affordable solutions for their landscaping needs. Whether you want your entire landscaping re-imagined or redesigned or would just like to make it look a tad better, SK lawn Care can help.

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