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Kansas City Landscaping Repair

Lawn Care and Landscaping Maintenance In Kansas City At SK Lawn Care, we see so many different types of landscaping in a single day that it sometimes cannot be counted.  From elegant landscape designs in Leawood, practical landscaping elements in Overland Park to landscaping that varies from block to block in Kansas City, we see […]

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Landscaping Overhaul

Landscaping Installation and Landscaping Maintenance In Kansas City By now everyone in Kansas City has probably had a chance to get outside and enjoy the mild temperatures and spring weather.  If you had a chance to tinker with your lawn and landscaping and you found yourself in over your head, fear not. SK Lawn Care has […]


The First Day Of Spring In Kansas City!

Lawn Care And Landscape Maintenance In Kansas City HAPPY SPRING KANSAS CITY!!! Spring is finally here in Kansas City! For many of us it means a chance to get outside in our lawns and enjoy the sun and mild temperatures and for others it means that the nightmare of lawn care and landscaping is about […]

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Landscaping For Resale

Landscape Design and Landscape Installation In Kansas City If you are selling or leasing property in Kansas City and your landscaping is not exactly what you would call having curb appeal, SK Lawn Care can help. Our landscape design team works with your budget to get you the most attractive landscaping possible for the money. […]


Landscaping Made Easy

Landscaping Services In Kansas City Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or both, SK Lawn Care can help you have the landscaping you have always wanted in Kansas City.  Our professional landscaping team can help you design and install landscaping that is not only durable and built to last but also pleasant to look […]


Spring Lawn Cleanup In Kansas City

Lawn Care and Landscaping In Kansas City Ahhh, spring is finally here (or so it would seem). The weather is warmer and grass and plants start to grow again and sometime in the very near future it will be time to start mowing and tending to our landscaping. But fear not! SK Lawn Care will […]


Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance In Kansas City The next time you walk into your office or business, do yourself a favor. Stop at look at the exterior lawn and landscaping they to image what your customers’ impression of your business might be based on the look and how it appears to have been tended to. If […]


Is Spring Really Here?

Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance In Kansas City Hopefully all of got outside and enjoyed the weather this weekend in Kansas City.  It felt like spring and it very well may be here to stay. At SK Lawn Care we see spring as the time when we meet new people and get to head back into […]


March Means Landscaping

Landscaping In Kansas City March has arrived and even though there is still snow falling in Kansas City, it will be time for landscaping in just a matter of weeks. Your lawn is ready to start growing again once the weather becomes more consistent and the cold of winter has passed.  Landscaping will become an […]


Spring Landscaping Projects

Quality Lawn and Landscaping In Kansas City After a taste of winter in Kansas City, it is time to start looking forward to spring and spring time with your family, friends, employees of just by yourself in your lawn enjoying your landscaping.  During the winter months, SK Lawn Care is meeting with homeowners and business […]