End Of Summer Landscaping

Summer Landscaping Installation in Kansas City and Overland Park

landscape-maintenance-Kansas-City-Overland-Park-LeawoodKansas-City-landscaping-lawn-care-servicesThe end of summer in Kansas City is always bittersweet. At SK Lawn Care we know that the end of summer means that is just a few months it will be winter again and then….the holidays. As summer winds down, we invite you to take at look at your home or office landscaping and ask yourself if it could be better.  If it needs a little landscaping magic, then it’s time to call SK Lawn Care’s landscaping installation team in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood and Olathe. Our landscaping experts can help you add landscaping features big and small. From adding and planting flowers, plants, bushes, trees to creating mulch and rock beds that accent your home or office, SK Lawn Care is Kansas City and Overland Park’s most trusted and best reviewed landscaping company. With the mild temperatures and abundance of rain this summer in the Kansas City area, our landscaping installation team has been very busy providing top quality landscaping additions and we are always looking for more.  If you are not satisfied with your current landscaping at your home or office in the Kansas City area, then it is time to call SK Lawn Care at (816) 372-4965 for a free estimate on landscaping installation.

Fall Landscaping Services in Kansas City and Overland Park

lawn-care-landscape-maintenance-Kansas-City-Overland-ParkAs previously mentioned, fall is just a few weeks away and SK Lawn Care will be providing fall services like overseeding, verticutting, aerating and leaf removal. Fall is a critical time for your lawn and making sure that it your lawn is properly seeded, is getting proper ventilation and is prepared to lie dormant for the winter makes an enormous difference when spring arrives in 2016. (Yes, 2016 is just a few months away!) Fall temperatures are still mild enough so that fall seeding can begin to grow just enough to survive the winter and seeding will also help fill in any bald or dead spots in your lawn. Aerating will allow air to penetrate deep into the soil and help newly laid grass seed to grow enough to survive the winter……provided you have fallen leaves removed in the fall. Caring for your lawn in the fall is crucial to its survival over the winter in Kansas City and by all accounts and predictions thus far, we should be in for a cold and snowy winter.  Let SK Lawn Care put your lawn care and landscaping fears at ease with the most qualified and professional landscaping experts in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood and Olathe.  Call (816) 372-4965 for fall landscaping services including fall seeding, lawn aerating, verticutting and leaf removal in the Kansas City area!

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