Get Your Leaves Removed Before Christmas!

Leaf Clean Up and Leaf Removal In Kansas City

In case you do not get outside much, winter is beginning to set in. The dry bitter cold air will arrive and not let up soon and with winter temperatures come winter precipitation in the form of snow and ice. If you have not had your lawns leaves cleaned up and removed, now is the time. Once snow and or ice are covering your lawn’s leaves, they may have to remain there until spring.  We have already had a little taste in the past week of what winter will be like and if you still leaves in your lawn, it is time to start thinking about leaf removal.

Leaf Clean Up In Kansas City

Let SK Lawn Care handle your leaf removal in Kansas City, Overland Park or Leawood!

When it comes to leaf removal in Kansas City, there is a difference.  Many lawn care companies choose to mow your leaves into your lawn to save themselves time and effort.  Mowing your leaves into your lawn is not leaf removal in fact it is quite possibly going to harm your lawn. As leaves decompose into your lawn they will likely raise your soil’s acidity level making it hard for grass to grow in the spring time.  High acidity levels in lawns also can result in needing a complete lawn renovation in order to get grass to grow. SK Lawn Care completely removes your leaves in Kansas City by taking the time and effort to make sure little to no leaves are left behind. We begin leaf removal by moving the leaves from the perimeter of your property line towards the center of your lawn where we pile up your leaves and then move them to the curb.

Leaf Removal In Kansas City

Once the leaves have been moved to the curb, our leaf removal staff will mulch the leaves with our professional leaf removal equipment and haul them away in our vehicle. We never leave your lawn’s leaves piled up for you to deal with and when we haul away your leaves, we recycle them in an environmentally responsible way to be used for mulch and compost. Leaf removal by SK Lawn Care does not take any shortcuts with your lawn and leaf clean up.  We operate as lawn care, landscape and leaf removal professionals in Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood and we want to earn your business and trust with your lawn care needs.

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