The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here in Kansas City!

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We often hear the phrase “Dog Days Of Summer”  and we at SK Lawn Care decided to find out exactly what the phrase means and where it comes from. The ancient Romans first coined the term “diēs caniculārēs” which translates to “dog days” and refereed to the hottest, most humid days of summer when the star Sirius was brightest in the constellation Canus Major (or dog star.) The actual calendar Dog Days of Summer are from July 3rd -August but in modern times we associate the dog days of summer with hot, lazy days where being in the shade is more preferable and activities are at a minimum. At SK Lawn Care our landscape installation team can help you create the perfect shady, relaxing area to live out the dog days of summer in the Kansas City area. Whether you want to add cobblestone, flagstone or hardscaping to your lawn and landscape, the landscaping experts at SK Lawn Care can help design and build the perfect place to relax and/or entertain in your backyard. SK Lawn Care helps you create the lawn and landscape that reflects the type of landscaping that is a direct reflection of you and your home. More importantly, our landscape installation estimates are fair and accurate so there are no surprises during installation. Plus, SK Lawn Care’s landscaping team can help make recommendations for trees, shrubs, bushes and plants that will not only be beautiful and climate appropriate and easy to maintain. Our lawn and landscape team can also provide landscaping maintenance services to keep your newly landscaped lawn looking its best this summer and beyond. No matter how big or small your dream landscaping project is, the experts at SK Lawn Care can help you design and install the perfect lawn and landscape for the dog days of summer in Kansas City. To schedule a consultation on adding the ideal landscape to your home in the Kansas City call SK Lawn Care at (816) 372-4965 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US.

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