Getting Your Lawn Ready For Fall!


Summer is definitely behind us and, for most of us in the Kansas City area, the fall temperatures are a wonderful change. Your lawn and landscaping is likely still reeling from the summer heat and the constant fluctuation of rain/no rain we had during the summer which is why SK Lawn Care recommends you give your lawn a boost to make sure that it remains healthy through the fall and into the winter.

Fall Lawn Care  and Landscaping in Kansas City MO


The cool fall air is much like the temperatures of spring which makes it an ideal time to add seed to your lawn to replace any patchy areas that may have appeared over the summer. Overseeding is the best way to keep your grass growing consistent and lush and (when done in conjunction with aerating) will prove to restore and strengthen your lawn back to its original springtime glory. Aerating your lawn will not only open your soil up to air and water (which your lawn likely needs badly) but it can also break up any minor thatch that may have developed inhibiting your lawn and landscape from growing and looking its best. In some cases, SK Lawn Care may recommend verticutting for lawns that are in bad need of de-thatching. As grass dies and falls onto your soil it can become a nearly impenetrable barrier against water, air and sunlight thus hindering that growth of anything and everything in your lawn and verticutting is used to completely remove this deadly layer from your lawn. Often times in the fall, SK Lawn Care will recommend a fertilizer treatment for lawns that are lacking in nutrients or if there is a concern that your grass may not make it though the winter without it. Fertilizer provides the ideal food and nourishment that your lawn needs to grow strong and green but not without sunlight, water and air which is where aerating and verticutting comes in to assist in creating the perfect environment and soil for you lawn to grow and look its best. It goes without saying that after all of the fall lawn care services we provide that once the leaves start falling they will most certainly need to be removed and SK Lawn Care offers fall leaf removal services as well. Making sure that you have the most quality and professional lawn care and landscaping in Kansas City is our sole purpose at SK Lawn Care and we look forward to helping even more homeowners and business owners this fall. To schedule a fall lawn care consultation and receive an estimate on seeding, fertilizing, aerating, verticutting and/or leaf removal in the Kansas City area call SK Lawn Care at (816) 372-4965 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US

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