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Leaf Removal Service in Kansas City

The temperatures in the Kansas City area are slated to take a dive this week and become leaf-removal-Kansas-City-Overland-Parkmore like fall (and in some cases feel like winter) and if you haven’t thought about leaf removal yet, now might be a good time to do so and SK Lawn Care would love to help! While fall leaves are leaf-clean-up-removal-Kansas-City-lbeautiful and for kids a ton of fun to play in, they can do serious damage to your lawn and landscape if not raked and removed. Not opting for fall leaf removal and lawn clean up could leave your lawn with less than stellar growth and consistency when spring arrives for a variety of reasons and SK Lawn Care can help you have your lawn and landscaping looking its best and leaf free just in time for the holidays. As leaves fall from trees, they slowly begin to form a virtually impenetrable barrier between what your lawn’s grass needs (air, water and sunlight) and, believe it or not, grass needs all of these elements to survive even in the winter time. Plus, some leaves (if not removed and instead get mulched into your lawn) will make your soil acidic and not conducive to lush, consistent grown for grass when spring finally arrives. Ideally, leaf removal should be done as soon as possible to make certain that your grass can prepare itself for the winter months and rise and shine once spring comes. SK Lawn Care can make certain that your leaf removal is smooth and hassle free and our lawn care teams will even take the leaves with us when we are finished and dispose of them in an environmentally conscious way. Call SK Lawn Care today for leaf removal service in the Kansas City area at (816) 372-4965 for an estimate and leave the leaves to us!

Landscaping in Kansas City and Overland Park


While many homeowners and business owners are scrambling to find leaf removal services, there are plenty of lawns in the Kansas City that simply do not have trees that yield leaves in the fall. In the fall and winter months SK Lawn Care’s landscaping design and installation team is still busy helping homeowners and business owners have the perfect look in terms of landscape elements and it is never too late to transform your lawn with landscaping and hardscaping. From adding defined, elegant accents that can house plants, ferns, flowers or trees to retaining walls, landscape grading and even outdoor fireplaces that are sure to warm the hearts and feet of your holiday guests, SK Lawn Care can help you make the most of your lawn and landscape in the Kansas City area with superior quality and professional integrity. Whether your ideal landscaping or hardscaping project is completely over the top or you simoly need just enough to make your lawn look a little better SK Lawn Care is the lawn care, landscaping and hardscaping contractor that Kansas City area homeowners have trusted since 2010 for service, quality and durability. To schedule a consultation on landscaping and/or hardscaping for your lawn in the Kansas City area call (816) 372-4965 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US today!

Happy Holidays from all of us at SK Lawn Care in Kansas City!

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