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It’s safe to say that winter has arrived in Kansas City and with temperatures plunging and snow and ice on the way now is the time to have leaf removal and no one does it better than SK Lawn Care. Since 2010, SK Lawn Care has been offering quality, professional lawn care, landscaping and more recently hardscaping design and installation but leaf removal is and likely always will be one of our most sought after services in the fall and winter months.

Landscaping and Leaf Removal in Kansas City

While you might see many lawn and landscape companies in the Kansas City area mowing and mulching leaves into lawns, SK Lawn Care goes the extra mile to actually remove your leaves and mulch them into our leaf removal trucks and then haul them away. Mowing or mulching your leaves back into your lawn, in some cases, can create a real headache for homeowners when spring leaf-clean-up-removal-Kansas-City-lleaf-removal-service-leaves-Kansas-City-fall-clean-uparrives because the leaves can literally suffocate your lawn’s grass. At SK Lawn Care, we have been providing leaf removal services long enough to have learned that some leaves will actually increase the acidity in your lawn making it difficult for some grass to grow and when this occurs, a complete lawn renovation is needed. Leaf removal that doesn’t involve mowing or mulching is definitely harder work but in the end we know that it provides a better service to our customers. SK Lawn Care focuses on quality, professional lawn care, landscaping and hardscaping services and leaf removal is no different. We help our customers understand that not removing leaves before snow and ice arrive in the Kansas City area will create a barrier between your lawn and the air, sunlight and water it needs to remain alive and grow vibrant when spring finally arrives. Plus, most homeowners tell us that they ultimately like the look for their lawn without leaves during the holidays which is why SK Lawn Care will likely be doing leaf removal up until Christmas which we are happy to do. Speaking of Christmas and the holidays, we at SK Lawn Care would like to thank all of our customers that continually choose us for their lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping and even leaf removal needs in Kansas City. We appreciate your business and we wish you the happiest of holidays! Feel free to contact us directly at (816) 372-4965 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US for all of your lawn and landscape needs.

Happy Holidays from all of us at SK Lawn Care in Kansas City!

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