Keep Warm This Winter With An Outdoor Fireplace


The unseasonably warm fall has quickly turned to winter in the Kansas City area and if you love being outdoors but despise the cold then maybe it’s time to start thinking about adding a custom designed and installed outdoor fireplace or fire pit by SK Lawn Care. Although SK Lawn Care has long been known in the Kansas City area for quality, professional lawn care and landscaping, we are happy to say that 2016 has been great year for expanding our services and one of the things we have added is hardscaping and custom outdoor fireplaces.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Hardscaping In Kansas City

lawn-care-landscaping-hardscaping-Kansas-City-Overland-Park-LeawoodHardscaping involves using inanimate materials and objects to add functionality and design to your backyard. Where landscaping is the art of utilizing plants, trees, bushes, shrubs and grass to transform your yard, hardscaping is more of a permanent element in that it is that it’s features are typically made of wood, concrete, stones and tile and is more durable because hardscaping does not require much maintenance because of its composition. For outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, we work with homeowners to understand the size, the materials, and ultimately what they want their warm winter oasis to look like hardscape-landscape-contractor-Overland-Park-Leawood-Olathe-KCand how it will function for them. Unlike many hardscaping contractors in the Kansas City area, SK Lawn Care never cuts corners in materials, design and quality when it comes to creating your custom outdoor fireplace or hardscaping elements because each and every backyard project we do is customized to meet your needs, wants and expectations. Whether you want to add custom benches around your outdoor fireplace or fire pit or you want to add a tile, brick or decorative concrete patio to add even more beauty and functionality to your backyard, SK Lawn Care is the hardscaping contractor that homeowners and business owners have trusted since 2010. If you have been thinking about adding hardscape elements and/or a custom outdoor fireplace to your home or business call SK Lawn Care today at (816) 372-4965 of CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US to schedule a consultation in the Kansas City area today. Winter will be her before you know it and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit makes the ultimate holiday gift!

Happy Holidays from all of us at SK Lawn Care in Kansas City!

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