Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn, LawnCare, Landscape, mowing, landscaping, fertilizationtreatments, weedcontrolSK Lawn Care offers full service landscape maintenance for all your property management needs.  Services include routine mowing, ornamental plant and bed maintenance, fertilizer treatments, and leaf removal.  Keep your property in prime condition with our first-class landscape maintenance services.  We look to build long lasting relationships with our customers with punctual quality service, and excellent customer service.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn care service and landscape service needs.


Full Landscape Maintenance

SK Lawn Care will care for your landscape year-around.  We offer services from routine mowing and trimming, to landscape design/installation, and everything between.  SK Lawn Care will also make sure the landscaped areas of your property are properly maintained and weed free.  We will also routinely trim bushes, shrubs, and landscape grasses, so your property is always in excellent condition.  During all of our maintenance services we inspect all areas of the landscape to proactively detect issues such as harmful bugs and diseases.  Detecting problems early, allows us to treat the problem at the ideal time, increasing the chance of success.  We want your lawn and landscape to look the absolute best.  So Contact SK Lawn Care for the best lawn care services and landscape services in Kansas City.

Bush and Shrub Trimming

Our highly trained staff will keep your bushes and shrubbery in excellent condition by routinely trimming them.  This will keep your landscape in order, and make sure it always looks its best.  While trimming your bushes and shrubs we also examine all plants in the landscape for any foreseeable issues or problems.  By doing this we can detect issues such as harmful bugs and diseases before they become a problem.  At SK Lawn Care we aim to provide top quality lawn and landscape services with an excellent customer experience.


Benefits of Choosing SK Lawn Care

SK Lawn Care provides all of our lawn and landscape services with the plants healthy, property value, and your personalized needs in mind.  The number one benefit of SK Lawn Care maintaining your lawn and landscape is peace of mind, knowing that your property is being cared for by professionals.  Our trained staff will provide your landscape with top quality care and make sure your landscape looks its best.  The next best thing is that you don’t have to do any work.  Before leaving the property we make sure to look around the lawn and landscape for any suggestions we can give you to improve its quality.  This means your landscape is being analyzed by a professional on a regular basis.  This allows for quick action when/if a problem arises.  By proactively treating issues allows for a more successful treatment, and provides you with a healthier lawn and landscape.  Additionally, if any problems arise between visits, you can contact us at any time and we will visit your property and analyze the problem free of charge.  Providing our customers with top quality customer service for their lawn and landscape is our priority.  We want you to be just as proud of your landscape as we are.  Let SK Lawn Care earn your business with top notch customer service, high quality lawn and landscape services, and a customized approach to caring for your landscape.  We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and provide the best lawn and landscape services in the Kansas City area.

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