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Lawn Aeration Services

For homeowners and business owners in Overland Park & Kansas City, fall is a time to start thinking about how they want their home lawn or business lawn to look for next year.

Aeration Services For Overland Park & Kansas City Lawns

lawn-aerating-Overland-Park-Leawood-Kansas-CityAerating your lawn breaks up the soil (without damaging your lawn) allowing water to get directly into the soil and roots.  Aerating your lawn,in conjunction with over-seeding in the fall, will give the new layer of seed the best chance of survival and more importantly giving your lawn a boost in appearance, density and consistency.

Lawn Aeration is a mechanical process that corks the ground to loosen soil compaction and reduces thatch buildup.  Aerating process is recommended on a yearly basis in the fall which will yield a lush, healthy lawn. Reducing soil compaction allows for deeper root growth and a healthier lawn.  It also allows the soil to easily obtain oxygen and provides nutrients to the soil.  Reducing thatch buildup is another benefit of aerating since thatch puts stress on your lawn.  Corks of soil are pulled out and left on the ground so they can decompose back into the soil.  This naturally keeps thatch at an optimum level, and promotes horticulture.

Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Aerating your lawn will reduce soil compaction due to foot traffic through your yard. allowing water, air and grass thrive.  Aerating (combined with over-seeding) your lawn will also improve your lawns ability to retain water where it matters, at the roots of the grass. In addition to helping regulate water throughout your lawn, aerating will reduce puddles and excessive water run-off in your lawn making it more self-sufficient overall. When your lawn is properly aerated your lawn is able to take in air into the soil with will allow your lawns roots to grow deeper and make watering and fertilization more efficient.

Last but not least, aerating your lawn in Overland Park & Kansas City will strengthen the roots of your lawn, enabling a defensive strategy from the stress of heat and drought.


SK Lawn and Landscape can aerate and over-seed your lawn in Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood & Mission Hills. Contact us for an estimate or contact us with any questions you have about aerating your lawn.

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