Lawn Care Services


Lawn Care Services

Enjoy a beautiful lawn without doing any work! Contact SK Lawn and Landscape for all your lawn service needs.  SK Lawn and Landscape will take care of your lawn and landscape including mowing, fertilizer treatments, spring and fall leaf removal, seedingflower bed mulching and maintenance. We can make having a beautiful property easy and care free.

Lawn Mowing

SK Lawn and Landscape has a professional and courteous staff that is well-trained to offer the best care for your lawn. When mowing, we change direction each visit so we do not compact the soil and create ruts in you lawn. Our staff is trained to properly “stripe” your lawn for that professional and perfect look.  All mowing services include neatly trimming and edging around the property, as well as blowing all grass clippings and debris off pavements so your property is in perfect order for you and your guests.  Weather you are a commercial client who wants an attractive store front, or a resident who wants a beautiful lawn, landscape, and curb appeal, the choice is simple.  Contact SK Lawn and Landscape for all your lawn care service and landscape service needs.


Lawn Fertilization Treatment and Weed Control

At SK Lawn and Landscape, we use premium quality lawn fertilizer products to provide your lawn with the best nutrients and pest control. We offer multiple lawn fertilizer packages, catering to your lawns specific needs. During each application of fertilizer we inspect your lawn for any foreseeable problems or unwanted pests. Additionally we treat any weeds that may have developed between treatments to keep your lawn weed free and in excellent condition.  Contact SK Lawn and Landscape for all your lawn care service and landscape service needs.


Lawn Cleanup and Leaf Removal

SK Lawn and Landscape provides professional lawn clean up and leaf removal services. Thoroughly clearing leaves and debris from your lawn, flower beds, gardens, fence lines, porches, and all paved areas; keeping your property clean for you and your guests. Leaf removal allows your lawn to grow and promotes healthy grass.  We offer honest haul-away prices for care free yard waste disposal.  Contact SK Lawn and Landscape for all your lawn care service and landscape service needs.


Lawn Renovation and Seeding

SK Lawn and Landscape offers a variety of lawn renovation services including core aeration, verticutting, and overseeding. We provide the specific services needed for you lawn, using only top quality seed. Below are our different services and descriptions on how they can promote your lawns healthy growth.  Contact SK Lawn and Landscape for all your lawn care service needs.


Flower Bed Mulching and Maintenance

SK Lawn and Landscape provides quality mulch and rock installation. Offering a variety of colors, styles, and designs to match or customize your landscape. We offer free consultations to determine what aspects of your lawn/landscape needs maintenance and how you want your bed and mulching to look.


Benefits of Choosing SK Lawn and Landscape

SK Lawn and Landscape provides all of our lawn and landscape services with the plants healthy, property value, and your personalized needs in mind.  The number one benefit of SK Lawn and Landscape maintaining your lawn and landscape is peace of mind, knowing that your property is being cared for by professionals.  Our trained staff will provide your lawn and landscape with top quality care and make sure your lawn and landscape look its best.  The next best thing is that you don’t have to do any work.  Before leaving the property we make sure to look around the property for any suggestions we can give you to improve its quality.  This means your lawn is being analyzed by a professional on a regular basis.  This allows for quick action when/if a problem arises.  By proactively treating issues allows for a more successful treatment, and provides you with a healthier landscape.  Additionally, if any problems arise between visits, you can contact us at any time and we will visit your property and analyze the problem free of charge.  Providing our customers with top quality customer service for their lawn and landscape is our priority.  We want you to be just as proud of your landscape as we are.  Let SK Lawn and Landscape earn your business with top-notch customer service, high quality lawn and landscape services, and a customized approach to caring for your landscape.  We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and provide the best lawn and landscape services in the Kansas City area.

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